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Career-Focused College Advising

College is an investment and the best statistically proven path to career success and mobility.

We recognize the transition from high school to college, and ultimately to career, is exciting and often stressful. We’re here to help define the process and break it down into steps that help you connect to your best future options. 

Together we’ll create a plan to achieve your long-term goals with as little debt as possible.

Comprehensive Advising

A complete package including assessment, college search, essay support, and financial aid review. 

Custom Plans

College list building, financial overview, and hourly rates are available for short term engagement and senior crush.

Student Assessment

Finding the best possible advantages begins with aptitude assessment, academic review and recommendations.

Finding the “best fit” college for you out of thousands of options

Everyone’s pathway is their own and we approach the transition process from high school to independence with respect for the student and enthusiasm for discovering their options. We carefully consider each circumstance and recognize the crucial role family, teachers, and high school counselors play in every student’s success.

Next steps don’t have to be confusing and overwhelming. We’re here to clarify and enhance the good work and intentions of all involved, and to help students realize their potential and see a wide horizon of career possibilities.  

It takes a village.

Knowledge is the key to reducing stress and making a big transition as smooth as possible. That’s why we’re happy to share the once-a-month checklist whether you’re a client or not.  Not spam or a sales pitch, just straightforward and timely information. And, we don’t resell contact information, ever.

Certified College Admissions Counselor

 Cathy Copeland Titus is a dedicated professional ready to listen and learn to each student as a unique individual and to working with families to find the best path to success. Member of NEACAC, HECA and IECA.

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My Approach

Collaboration starts and ends with your student. With the goal of listening and applying their unique challenges to a winning approach I dive deep into what makes them tick. I have partnerships with experts in various disciplines that offer research to back up assessments, career targeting, essay writing, NCAA, financial analysis, mindfulness, and learning differences.

My Process

I am organized and deadline oriented. Backing up from hard deadlines, I create an actionable plan and checklist that guides my students throughout their process, from early high school choices to college freshman success. I never overlook a student’s unique circumstances or present a cookie cutter solution. Every student deserves an education and an advocate to help them get there.